Ensure the safety and optimal performance of gas lines.

Gas Resiliency Plans

Unexpected problems with gas lines can happen at any time causing inefficient or no heat and hot water, unpleasant odours and problems with gas appliances. These repairs can be costly and time consuming and can overburden utility call centres when issues arise at the start of peak heating season, when many customers are starting their equipment for the first time. HomeServe quickly and effectively supports their customers and partners when these concerns arise.

HomeServe offers home protection plans to ensure the safety and optimum performance of gas lines:

Gas Line
Gas Line Plus

Gas Line Protection

HomeServe Gas Line protection covers the repair or replacement of a broken or leaking gas line as well as:

  • Gas appliance connectors inside or outside the home
  • Primary propane line from the external tank outlet connection
  • Propane appliance connectors inside or outside the home
  • Extension lines exiting the home, up to and including the appliance connectors

Gas Line Plus

It is important to keep gas furnaces and appliances running smoothly, that is why our Gas Line Plus comes with the addition of a comprehensive annual inspection including a safety and operational assessment of:

  • Exposed pipework and flexible connections
  • System ventilation
  • Appliance shut-off valves
  • Appliance safety controls
  • Proper draft of appliances, including flue check


HomeServe plans are not intended to replace the utility’s gas leak emergency response programs.

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