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Chilly Shower Leads to Widow’s Hot Water Heater Repair

Jackie B. of Edmonton, Alberta started her morning on a sunny day in April the way she usually does – jumping into the shower. But something quickly went wrong – on this day, the water stayed icy cold, no matter how long Jackie waited for it to warm up. Upon further...

Replacing Water Heater Was Smooth Experience for Homeowner

It was an odd dripping noise that led John to investigate.

Safety Hazard Avoided Thanks to HomeServe’s Exterior Electric Policy

The town of Oceanside, New York typically only sees a few severe storms every year. So, when local resident and homeowner Tom W. noticed his lights flickering sometimes this past summer during some high winds, he made a mental note to investigate further if it...

HomeServe Protects A Colorado Resident from the Elements – and an Empty Wallet

On a sunny March day in Aurora, Colorado, Robert Z. noticed that it felt a bit drafty in his home. Upon further investigation, he quickly realized his furnace was not running, and despite his best efforts, it wasn't kicking back on. Although his furnace was not...

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