DISTRIBUTECH International Presents Key Industry Themes

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Electrical Grids, Energy Efficiency, Green Initiatives, Infrastructure, Public-Private Partnerships

This year’s DISTRIBUTECH International conference brought together industry thought leaders, utilities, government, and solution providers to engage on trending topics that will move the industry forward, and HomeServe had the opportunity to attend sessions and engage with participants. As DISTRIBUTECH is the leading technology trade show for the electricity transmission and distribution industry, predominant themes were smart home technology, AI, resiliency, paths to net zero emissions, and increased customer engagement that places the consumer at the heart of energy strategies.

HomeServe is aligned with many of these themes. Our exterior line protection solution enhances residential resiliency and safety by expediting reconnection, educating homeowners, and addressing member equipment concerns. With residential energy efficiency adoption being the low-hanging fruit of decarbonization, and HVAC a significant portion of overall residential usage, HomeServe’s heating and cooling protection solution can increase adoption of heat pumps, mini-splits, and other high-efficiency systems to replace failing equipment. The solution’s educational customer outreach and face-to-face interaction with repair professionals reinforces energy efficiency awareness and “primes the pump” for decisions at the end of equipment life. Upon equipment failure, we can offer replacement options, including a subscription that incorporates a high-efficiency equipment lease, installation, annual maintenance, and unlimited repairs. We can seamlessly integrate with utility rebate programs and utilize utility trade allies.

HomeServe will be exhibiting at CS Week in Fort Worth, Texas, April 29–May 2, where we look forward to continuing the conversation about how HomeServe can help advance key utility objectives.